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Every day, countless dogs are surrendered or found by Animal Control, flooding rural shelters in Southeastern North Carolina with malnourished, unvaccinated, often heartworm positive, undersocialized dogs.  

The Unforgotten Souls is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of companion animals to decrease the euthanasia rate of high kill shelters by educating communities on spay and neuter, bringing awareness to animal cruelty, and raising money for basic medical needs for the animals at the shelter.

Foster to Change a Life

Special Announcement April 2021

We have been waiting to see where some new roads may take us and to get things squared away with the new plans we have been coming up with before announcing anything.

While we have slowed down efforts at the shelter due to restraints/changes that have been made, just know we will still be helping how we can just on a smaller level. It is unfortunate but our hands are tied right now, so we will continue doing what we can. Please feel free to message us any concerns/questions on this.

Quick reminder: We are still an all volunteer-run 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We do not get paid for anything nor do we ever ask for help with funds for anything that doesn’t have to do with the dogs we help. Over the last 3yrs as a non-profit, we have been vaccinating, spay/neutering, basic vetting every dog who came into the shelter at absolutely no cost to the shelter for these things. We only ever wanted to make sure the dogs remained/got healthy enough to stay at the shelter long enough to find a safe way out, and not just euthanized for space or because they got sick while waiting. It’s because of our efforts that we have been able to lower the euthanasia rate at the shelter we have been helping to one of the lowest in NC.

***We are happy to announce the collaboration between the

Unforgotten Souls & R.A.C.E. 

Together we can do so much more!***

What We Are Going to Do:
  • Helping R.A.C.E. raise more money for the shelter they are building so we too can help pull more dogs on a larger scale. Watch our Facebook page for a fundraiser in the near future!

  • We will begin to take in owner surrenders hoping to keep some dogs out of the local shelters, instead of the dogs having to go through the horrible shock of being in a shelter. A surrender form will be placed on our website over the next week or so. We will still be moving them up north and elsewhere to our rescue partners. As you know we do not do regular adoptions as we have limited resources/time here to do that with everything else we do. This means we don’t see adoption donations and that is why your help is always needed in getting the dogs vetted and ready for future adoption when they get to their next stop. The quicker they can be vetted, the quicker they can be adopted & the sooner another life can be saved.


What We Need from You
  • We need more temporary/short-term fosters! You must live in New Hanover/Brunswick/Columbus County areas. We provide everything for you, you just provide a safe place for the dogs. To complete the foster application click here. 

  • Pledges! We will need to raise a minimum of $200 per dog; even the owner surrendered dogs. The funds will help with the basic vetting. If a dog is heartworm positive or has a medical need, more funds will be needed.  TUS already does this for the dogs at the shelter. 

  • We can not do what we do without you all.

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